Shambles... From start to finish - Evans

"It was a shambles from start to finish, young Josh turns off in the first few minutes and they get the goals then from then on its Andy Warrington versus Dagenham & Redbridge. It was as poor as it could be and that takes nothing away from John Still's team."

"I think there was a severe lack of effort, passion and commitment, the things we say we need to get in place. We've come here decimated but thats no excuse, if you wear a Rotherham United shirt you have that pride passion and committment and we had none of that from start to finish. There is no excuses - we can only apologise."

"We were just not there today, we're not making any excuses, its down to the management team and I'm the manager so I pick em and we'll go back to the training ground and talk to them all but theres only so much you can say in the freshness of what we've just watched but if we're being honest Andy Warrington stopped it from being more. I don't think we created a real opportunity in 95 minutes play."

"It was totally unacceptable, and the worst performance I've had as a manager from any team, and I've had some howlers believe me, every manager has a bad day, but that was bad."

"We're unhappy about comments made by the referee to one of the players, but that takes absolutely nothing away from Dagenham who were super today, they were on the front foot and you can see why they've gone unbeaten. We have to get ourselves back on the training ground and work hard, that's the only answer."

"It's alledged that the match referee used foul and abusive language to one of our players, A player told us and we addressed it with the 4th official at half time, but that takes nothing away from the result."

"I didnt hear the comment, the player came to the bench and told us what had just been said, to say we were suprised was an understatment but I'm not going to make that a sidetrack issue to what went on on the pitch. I wouldn't not play but we needed to make somebody aware what had been said to one of our players."

"My players were stinking today, I take that on the chin, theres nobody else to blame, blame Steve Evans but if I used the words that I've been told today I would be in Wembley Stadium facing the FA, I've been there, we'll see what happens. We've spoke to the match assessor and we'll let it be known, but it's nothing to do with the result today. The referee didnt give decisions to the other side, although he didn't give us much, I'm not questioning the integrity of the referee, Dagenham beat us fair and square and should have beat us much more, but you cannot say what he has said if he has said it if he has said it, but it's very unusual for players to come and say that isnt it?"

"There's always a problem when you lose key players, early doors today we were playing three or four players that couldnt make the squad 10 days ago, but that would be an excuse, we've been smashed today. Any team would miss Kari Arnason, but one man doesn't make a team, lets not get carried away. Did we have a player that played well other than Warrington? Did we have a player that played ok other than Warrington? Did we have a player that gave 100% other than Warrington? I'm not sure there was!"

"We took Rooney off just to change it a little and bring Gareth Evans on, we didnt get any benefit of changing it but we tried to freshen it up. We lost Craig Morgan early doors. Nicky Hunt couldnt get in the squad a fortnight ago but he's suddenly pushed into the battle, Mark Bradley got pushed into defence, it was all over the place. But you have to try to win a football match, we did'nt try today."

"Craig Morgan has twisted his ankle today, if its not ankle's its dislocated shoulders, hamstrings, groins we've had everything thrown at us, but again you have to focus on we had enough good players on that pitch to affect what happens here today! They affected it in the wrong way! You have to try, it doesn't matter if your wearing a Man Utd shirt, an Arsenal Shirt or a Rotherham United shirt, you have to try, you have to work hard, if you don't work hard and don't try you get what happened today!"

"It will be a long week because I take it personally, but we'll go back to working hard again and get ready for next Saturday, the lads would have had a couple of days off, they didn't know that but they'll not be getting a couple of days off for a while after that."