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At the beginning of the month we asked the following multi-choice question:-

The ball is cleared out of the penalty area up to the centre circle. The referee hears two defenders arguing in their own penalty area. He turns and sees one of them striking his team-mate near the penalty mark. The referee stops play.

Does he:
1 - Send off the defender (red card)
2 - Caution the defender (yellow card)

Play is restarted with:
A - A dropped ball near the penalty mark
B - A dropped ball in the centre circle
C - An indirect free kick near the penalty mark
D - A penalty kick

The answer is, 1C - Send off the defender, red card, and restart play with an indirect free kick near the penalty mark.

Reason - A direct free kick would be given if the offence/striking had been committed on an opponent. The referee had stopped play. The restart is not a dropped ball because the player had been sent off. The restart is an indirect free kick from where the defender had struck his team mate near the penalty mark (or spot of you'd prefer). :o)

The draw from the correct entries has been made on the boards and the winners are.

Winner - Paul Elliott who wins 3 dozen pies.
Runners up - Daniel Scott & Michael Hazlehurst who both win a dozen pies.

You will be contacted in the next few days regarding your prizes.

April's competition will be posted tomorrow.

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