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SE: What other instruments can you play?
CW: Drums. Guitar. Bit of keyboards.

SE: That makes it easier to swap around when you want to take the piss out of the Italians then! Best album of all time?
CW: Pet Sounds (Beach Boys).

SE: Wow! Five favourite bands of all time?
CW: Beach Boys. Nirvana. Hendrix has got to go in there; I know it's not a band. Queen. And I think U2 have to go in there. Oh and the Quo.

SE: Best bass player?
CW: Les Claypool from Primus.

SE: Marvellous - we'll look that one up later! What makes you laugh?
CW: Jokes! (laughs)

SE: Best gig you've ever seen?
CW: Brian Wilson at Colston Hall in Bristol.

SE: When was that?
CW: 2002. Pet Sounds tour.

SE: When did he do Glastonbury? Was that about three years ago?
CW: 2006 I think

SE: What do you miss most about the UK when you're away from it? Not family - we know everybody misses family, so what do you miss about it?
CW: The Daily Mirror

SE: Mine was a Pukka Pie! When I was in Paris for six months I yearned for a pukka pie.
CW: Daily Mirror's always good for absolute bullshit entertainment, innit?

SE: What's your favourite film?
CW: From Russia with Love

SE: Do you speak any foreign languages?
CW: No
SE: Any words
CW: Everyone speaks English

SE: What do you do - speak English loudly like any Brit abroad?
CW: Yeah Yeah.

SE: How many countries have you visited?
CW: I think on the last tour we did 58 countries….

SE: What's your favourite country?
CW: Australia.

SE: What motivates you?
CW: I can't say money can I……? (laughs)
CW: Music.

And to finish, you know when Sky interview managers 5 minutes after the game, and they're still panting, bled dry by the emotion of the game? Well we thought we'd give you the opportunity to ask us a question or two, it's only fair. It can be about anything you like.

CW: Are Rotherham really playing as badly as I hear at the moment??
No, not really. They're not brilliant but if you imagine Notts County last year, it was pretty much like that all last season. This year we've started to play a bit more football….first halves particularly!! And I don't think Ronnie's had the rub of the green so far.

CW: Need to give him a bit of time. I mean he's done it before. I'm sure he can do it again. I said to Maurice that he's playing the same squad, but has he drastically changed anything?

No, not in my view, he hasn't.

CW: That's what Maurice said. It seemed to me that Mark Robins was trying to play a bit of football this season…..keep it on the ground a little bit. He had a couple of good strikers and you'd see flashes of five minutes where they'd look like Arsenal (Ed. Steady on Chris!!)

That's summat to do with the Red shirts I reckon….??? It was pragmatic football last year, but this year he was trying to expand the style, by bringing in players like Nicky Law who is a good player. And the centre backs didn't miss a game last year, but they've already missed a few this year.

CW: I saw that Nick Fenton in the game I went to last year and he didn't look very good, but Ian Sharps looked like a pretty reliable centre back. Maurice said that Fenton was usually pretty good but I saw that one game and he was at fault for the Notts County goal, and then he did exactly the same thing again, it was one of those weird bounces where you think get yer leg over your head and get it out!!! Totally deceived by the bounce, facing the wrong way……and I thought f****** hell.

Maybe unfair on one performance but it's difficult to get an impression from a message board. I mean I know what it's like on our message board, they're supposed to be our fans and they're all slagging us off. I'm sure it's the same with the Rotherham message board.

Do you read it very often?
CW: Yeah, I'm on it pretty much every day. I even registered on there the other day!!

Bit dangerous?? You posted as well didn't you?
CW: Yeah I was trying to get some football players. I said to Moz 'put something on the website', thinking he'd put in the topic 'Come and play football with Muse', but he didn't, he just put 'Anyone fancy a game of football?'

Put Muse in the topic, you Pillock !
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