Worldnet 2004 Review - Part 7

Contemplation - It suddenly dawned on us, in Day 1 we had played 4, won 4, scored 12 and conceded 3. We had topped the group with 9 points having gained revenge on Hearts who knocked us out of the IFA cup at 1/4 final stage. All 4 strikers had notched, the main defence had remained solid and the midfield were working extremely hard and providing the platform for the strikers to create and score goals. No need to think too hard about it Dave lad, it was perfect!

Saturday night celebrations! -
To say everyone was buzzing after the group stage results would be an understatement. To make the day even better we got an 11am kickoff time meaning an extra hour or so in bed! It was a tough looking tie against Birmingham but after looking at their results in the group stages we felt confident, with them drawing to Barnsley who we beat 6:0 in a worldnet warmup match. The first restaurant we tried to book for 18 people we managed to get! A fantastic chinese restaurant at 8pm.

Chinese Delights! - While the Elliot's discussed which Chinese Waiter they would prefer to have "deserts" with we all enjoyed a great meal, sampling some of the chinese lagers, food and tea! Particularly impressive were the lobster shaped carrots that appeared in the food!

Everyone was in great spirits and we supped a good amount of beer while enjoying a really nice quality meal at a fair price. Below is a great picture of us all at the table with a few people looking a bit worst for wear after the meal!

Beer Fest! -
After the meal we all went to a pub close by till 11pm and supped some down. Adis and Duds didn't come to the chinese so we met them in the pubs close by. Duds was absolutely plastered and throughout the night his antics with Jammer shot him into IMFC legendary status!

Head Banging - Dan completely bashed himself into a lamp post to the laughter of everyone. On the way around the pubs Jammer pretended to bang into a lamp post to the great delight of Jebu who turned around and laughed. Not looking where he was going Jebu smacked straight into a bollard. Kim thought that was hilarious too until she didn't look where she was going and smacked into a lamppost. The entire IM party was almost wiped out in one fall swoop!

Skyrack - At 11pm we decided more beers were needed so we headed back up Headingley and into the skyrack. Here's a VERY cheesy picture of us in the pub!

No waste with IM -
Large amounts of alcohol consumption pursued and when the bar called time on us some of the lads didn't really want to stop. With no where else to go it was time for drastic measures. The Elliot's grabbed the empty drinks that the customers had left behind and quickly downed some. A couple of pints and Jammer supped a few glasses of wine! Very classy. Not to be left out Dud found a turbo lager on the bar, it looked completely rancid but it went down in about 3 seconds! The bouncers looked on and just shook their heads!

Scallys on the way home! - On the way back to the hotel we came across two nippers that were about 7 years old, completely trashed off their face probably after sniffing glue. After a bit of a rowdy moment Duds decided their heads looked like a bongo and tried to get a tune out of their head. The little nipper took exception and threw what has to be the worlds worst ever punch since Paul Els in Edinburgh on the football pitch. The nipper was a good 10 yards away when threw the punch and Duds laughed and tapped him on the head again. One of the little nippers appeared to collapse on the floor and the other one just kicked him in the head about 3 times and stamped on his face. We stepped in to sort it out and being the kind soul he his Duds decided to ring for an ambulance... "Hello, can i get an ambulance, im in Headingley, we got birmingham in the morning, no wait a minute, hes up, he ok". The two nippers ran off into the night booting cars and smashing car wing mirrors, we left them to it.

Jammer's doing a forward role -
The duds jammer combination was in full swing. Jammer decided that a rather beat up car looked a perfect opportunity to forward role of the top of the car. If you look in the picture above you can just catch him at the top pre forward role with us lot singing the song! Unfortunately Jammer didn't forward role very well and ended up just flopping off the car onto the sidewalk to reams of laughter. A bit further down the road a huge camper van was a target but it was decided best not to as it could have caused death if gone wrong!

Gatecrashers! - Adis and Duds joined the Elliot's in the hotel for a short while and saw a host of ladies go into a house across the road. Assuming it had to be a party Adis and Duds went on over hoping to crash in. Duds pressed the button to ring in, "hello who is it" was the reply. "Its DUDS and I wanna come in!". Adis is in stitches with laughter. "Im DUDS and I wanna come party!". After some more random button pressing on the intercom creating little tunes Adis and Duds set of back to their hotel.

Perfect Day ends - The end of the perfect day. Everyone settled down into their beds ready to take on Birmingham at 11am in the morning, a massive difference to the 8am start we had in the numpty cup last year!

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