Worldnet 2004 Review - Part 4

Let it Rain! - It wasn't long until the heavens opened and we got some torrential rain. A 3rd Gazebo had been erected and while the rain came flowing down completely drenching everyone else around the pitch, us in Camp IM remained warm, dry and comfortable. Little things like this make a big difference and thanks have to go to all those who gave the pre planning into bringing and setting up the camp, including Dave, Dazza, Angela and Kim.

Feedback from Everton Match -
Once the rain had slowed a few of us got together to have a little chat about the Everton match, to see where we could improve, what went well, etc. Aggie can be seen in a rather camp pose in the picture below.

Team vs Gillingham -
Next up was a friendly versus Gillingham where all those people that didn't start against Everton got to play a full game. The one exception was Andy who played both the Everton game and the Gillingham game as we were a midfielder short with the loss of Steve R. Also skip was rested and Steve Burns made his debut in net for the Internet Millers pulling off a few photographic saves along the way. We had a 442 formation with Burns in the net, Chris Cope and Dazza centre back, Chapell and Lee full back, Jonny and John on the wings with Adis and Andy in the centre of the Park. Up front was youngsters Symon and Chris Grist.


The battle cry went out of "ATTACK" and that's exactly what the IM did. Gillingham who only had a squad of about 13 played the same side that beat Scottish and Cup champions Ayr 1-0 in the group stages, so we expected even in a friendly atmosphere to be up against a very strong side. However, the passing and movement by the young lads of Internet Millers was fantastic with Adis and Andy pulling strings in the middle of the park, Adis's vision for picking passes was particularly impressive throughout the match.

It was soon 1-0 as Chris Grist broke free of the defence and calmly slotted past the keeper, his first worldnet goal and a lovely finish. Next up was Symon who latched onto some sloppy defending by Gillingham to fire easily past the goalkeeper to make it 2-0. The Millers were pretty much on top throughout the match with Dazza and Chris comfortably coping with Gillingham who seemed to be taking the game very very slow and easy. John and Jonny were providing a good outlet out wide playing the simple passes to keep the ball moving.

The game was rounded up with a great goal by Symon who dug the ball out from the edge of the box after finding a bit of space with his pace, the ball nestled into the top corner which led to wild celebrations by Symon, puffing his chest out! A great goal appreciated by the rest of the Internet Millers players watching on the sidelines in the rain acting like numpties with their hooded tops!

It was a great performance by the young lads and all 4 strikers were now off the mark with goals. A number of players proved that they could fit into the first team as needed and keep the strength of the team. It was a worthwhile match with some good goals and performances.

Final Score: Internet Millers 3:0 Gillingham

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