Worldnet 2004 Review - Part 2

Numpty's on Tour - So the final was over and we headed back to hotel to put on our rather fantastic Internet Millers "Numpty on Tour" T-shirts we got printed before the tournament! The Elliot's heart sank as we turned the corner into the Headingley Taps to see a bunch of marauding numpty's in white T-shirts. Here is a fantastic picture of us outside the Headingley Taps with our first pint in the pub.

Beer! -
We had a few more pints in the Headingley Taps (With the Elliot's already having had a few inside them before we joined) and Duds drinking 2 pints to every 1 compared with everyone else! We then ventured on down to the Royal Oak that seemed a popular venue with fellow Worldnet participants with an insanely huge beer garden crammed full of students and football players from the tournament. In here we remained drinking till closing time of 11pm. After this we all still fancied a few more cheeky pints so ventured across the road to the skyrack that remained open till 1am. Here's a picture of Denti, Dan and Nadia from Big Brother after a few pints.

Dave on the Pop! - There was a nice balance of getting a few beers inside without throwing spirits down our neck to get completely wasted and unable to play the morning after. Here's a picture of Dan telling Dave how big a member of TGR was, with Duds rather amused in the background on his 34th pint.

The Mad Scientist - Towards the end of the night the beer was working and it was induce to face pulling. The Elliot's providing us with a number of "numpty esque" poses in the picture below, in particular mad scientist Paul El.Dan was out of this picture until he side stepped in at the last second with a gurn on his face. Adis had swapped his numpty top to get ready for his motorcross session later on in the night.

The Walk Home - With a chorus of our battle cry "attack, attack, attack" and a few drunken versions of "EASY!!!" by our rather unstable centre back Duds we spurned the directions pointing to skipton or the town centre to follow Dave back to the hotel. Fellow members of TGH were at work just outside the pub. For the Internet Millers we had the best contraception in town, our t-shirts, no girl would come near you.

Curry and Sleep - A few of the IM players spurned the skyrack and went to the curry house that was by all accounts an excellent place to eat. We met up with the food eaters back at the hotel and quietly got ourselves into bed, ready for the the group stages!

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