Worldnet 2004 Review - Part 10

Post Tournament Drink and Food - So we all went back to the Headingley Tap pub to have some food and one final pint before heading back to Rotherham. It was a great tournament for the Internet Millers and with a bit of luck we might have gone even further. However, a last 16 finish compared to semi final in the numpty cup last year is a massive improvement on the pitch and the organisation off the pitch was 100% first class. Hopefully we can go even further next year after developing even more in the UK league over the coming months.

Individual Player Review (by Jebu)

1. Jebu - I was pleased with my performance at this tournament. Scoring 3 goals is a good return but i was more happy with my general play including closing down midfielders/defenders and more importantly dropping deep to provide the ammunition for big Steve to score, getting at least 6 assists in the tournament. Defenders rarely track me back and when they do it sometimes allows more space for steve to move into and one of the midfielders to pick him out. So overall I was generally pleased.

2. Denti - Man of the Tournament. He's what makes the 352 tick and his extra fitness levels from the hard work he's put in the past few weeks leading up to worldnet showed. Whenever it looked dangerous 95% of the time Denti sorted it out. Well done mate.

3. Stevie - 7 goals and a natural finisher. He's by far the best striker I've played with and me and him compliment each other perfectly as I know I don't have to be playing off the last man all game as goals will come if we carry on the way we always have done. Some great goals, great movement and a top tournament for the big man IMHO.

4. Paul El - Thought the defence in general did very well and the way Paul helps organise the defence is such an asset. His performance against birmingham was the best ive seen from him in a long while. Felt upset at missing the last penalty but he has no need to worry, its just a lottery mate and you were a star on and off the pitch all weekend.

5. Gaz - Gaz wanted to play in the wide right role of the 352 and he's one of the best natural tacklers we have in the team. When a players gets tackled by Gaz they know about it. It was refreshing to see some of the runs he made to the bar line and crosses he makes as both me and Steve think along with Andy, Gaz is the best crosser of the ball in our team. Overall a good tournament for Gaz in an unselfish position that made the defence feel more comfortable with him out there.

6. Skip - Rarely troubled at times but when called upon did a good job. Skips handing was good all tournament and he provides such great wisdom off the pitch he's a great asset in the squad. Went from being on crutches to playing on sunday which shows the determination and grit he has.

7. Jonny - Against Gillingham played a good role out on the wide right and against Hearts did nothing spectacular but at the same time didn't make mistakes which was all that was required in that match. Has come on a long way and definitely at the same rate of improvement and some application to his game he can go on to be a really good player.

8. Dazza - An absolute star off the pitch with his organisation, fitness training and general massage like hands! Did a good job against Gillingham but after the Hearts game I think Dazza is best ensuring us lads are fit and ready to go =) Great job Dazza and thanks for all you did throughout the weekend.

9. Duds - In my eyes a complete star. Him and Jammer make the perfect combination on a night out! On the pitch I have always liked Duds no nonsense defending and he's improved continually since starting to play for us. As part of the back 3 or as a full back in a back 4 he's turning into an essential first teamer.

10. John 2 - John was great this weekend. At times I thought he might have felt hard done by not getting more of a game and didn't really want to sacrifice him against Hearts near the end but it had to be done to get Denti back on in the middle. Thought in the games he played John showed hell of a lot more aggression than he has for a while which epitomised his desire to be part of the team. He was also quality on the nights out joining in with the fun.

11. Andy - Some of the best news I head regarding the future of IM is that Andy is now free each saturday if we are playing. Andy still thinks he can play a bit and im sure everyone will agree with me when I say that the simple football and the way Andy play is just pure quality. For me he was up there as one of the best players of tournament for us.

12. Chris Cope - Chris was unfortunate in that we primarily played a back 3. Chris is probably one of the best full backs we have in the team but what I was most impressed with is the way he handled the centre back position when called upon. Calm and assured and he's got a great touch.

13. Steve Richards - Didn't turn up. Couldn't get in contact with Steve so hope he's well and nothings happened.

14. Mike - One of the starts of the tournament. Last year it was a different Mike but this year we found a new potential star. He has quality throughout his game and at such a young age can go on to be a great player. Handled himself extremely well with men and this was reflected in him playing just about every game. Pace, power and skills, as he gets a little older I would like to see an improvement in his final ball into the box but apart from that he pushed denti close for man of the tournament.

15. Symon - Symon has improved insanely over the past 2 weeks. His finishing is clinical and there's definitely potential there to get in the side and score goals along with me steve and chris. Would like to see Symon get more aggression in his game and go hunting the ball down more to get involved as much as possible but he's got bags of natural ability as his footwork and skills on the ball show.

16. Adis - Adis was unlucky the first day not to get more of a game in the league matches. For me he showed in the Gillingham game and more importantly the Birmingham game that he can handle the Hole position extremely well, playing some lovely reverse passes to completely open up defences. I definitely think there's a future for Adis with the Internet Millers and can only see him improving as he gets fitter.

17. Jammer - A star off the pitch and endless energy on the pitch that really makes the 352 tick. Not as prolific scoring as last year but his endless running and tackling was awesome and provided another great outlet in the attacks. As with Gaz thought Jammer had a great tournament.

18. Lee - Lee for his age is one of the most naturally talented players in the team. It was unfortunate that this tournament there was Mike and Andy both capable of doing the left hand side of the 352. He's very capable of doing the left full back position even though I know its not his favourite place to play. As left wing back he can also do a good job and throughout next year I cant see no reason why Lee wont be taking a large part in the games. Would like to perhaps see Lee put more work into his game and tighten up his play but that will come with age.

19. Chris Grist - I love the enthusiasm of Chris. He really loved every minute of worldnet and he took his goal superbly against Gillingham. He's another player that has progressed 10x over the past 6 weeks and next season both me and stevey know that with symon and chris we have players that can score goals. As chris gets stronger and more aggressive his game will come on even more.

20. Dan - The invisible wall and another contender for man of the tournament. Did nothing spectacular but sat in the midfield ensuring people couldn't get through to the defence. Great tournament mate and for all them different positions you have played in over the past months it was great to see you in where you prefer the most, centre of midfield.

21. Chappel - Chaps enthusiasm for Rotherham and IM holds no bounds. Im sure he wouldn't take offence when I say he's not the worlds greatest player but he always gives 100% no matter where he plays and against Hearts threw his body on the line to ensure it stayed 3-2. Top man.

22 - Dave - Came on sunday and got to show his class at centre back against Swindon. However, played superb in net against Birmingham and his long balls from goal kicks were amazing! Denti enjoys playing with Dave as he has great positional sense and awareness.

Special Thanks

Special thanks go out to first to Kim for ensuring I didnt lose anything and generally helping out with everything throughout the weekend. Secondly to DGH who was a complete star of the weekend, our number 1 supporter and hes such a great person to be around. He worked tirelessly on the BBQ and helping clean up. Angela for looking after the Gazebos and like Kim her general organisation around the camp. General Dazza who was also a star, little things make a big difference in performance and you ensured our preparation was spot on. Cheers also to Aggie for coming along injured and joining in the fun and drinking! Also like to thank Steve for hard work on accomadation and skip/Denti for helping me decide on the best team to play for each match. Also got to thank all our sponsors, Moulin Rouge, Millersmad, Gold Den, Roebuck and Clarke and Blist and of course the organisers of the Worldnet Tournament.