Internet Milllers Announce Worldnet Squad

Last updated : 26 June 2006 By Millersmad Staff

With the pinnacle of the IFA season, the 64 team Worldnet Tournament less than a month away reigning champions and league winners, Internet Millers have named their pre-tournament squad although they have surprised many people by naming just 17 players.

The squad is made up mostly of last year's squad with one notable exception- the omission of midfielder Gareth Elliott, who has been sensationally axed by manager Steve Burns thought to be because of two year's of gay jibes. Elliott has been a virtual ever present this season in central midfield and his omission looks set to send shockwaves around the IFA community in the build up to this year's tournament.

Elliott was today “unavailable for comment” and in the wake of his axing, is thought to be planning a holiday in Ibiza when the tournament is on. Andy Parker and Symon Pratt are the only other two members of the 2005 winning team not to be going whilst there are first time inclusions for Craig Bramhall, known to the world as Sharpy and the two Gilby brothers with new addition Si set to fill Gaz Elliott's space in midfield. The selection in the squad of midfielder Adis Kassam is set to be seen as a controversial one after his ‘no show' at last year's tournament angered IMFC officials to the point where his contract was close to being terminated. Below is the full squad list.

Mark Woollass

Andrew Gilby

Martin Dent

Steven Yeardley

Paul Elliott

James Dudhill

Darren Ferguson

Joe Roebuck

Lee Sentence

Si Gilby

Dan Bennett

Adis Kassam

Jonathan Veal

Jamie Elliott

Craig Bramhall

Steven Burns

Chris North

Below are some selected pen pic profiles

Mark Woollass

Position: Goalkeeper

Also Known As: Shark

Strengths: Eating

Weaknesses: Driving

Comment: Can Shark emulate his epic 2005 Worldnet display?

Previous Worldnets: 1

Martin Dent

Position: Defender

AKA: Denti

Strengths: Attention to detail

Weaknesses: Sugar

Comment: Will Captain Dent still be pissed when it comes to the Donny game?

Previous Worldnets: 3

Joe Roebuck

Position: Defender/Striker when we are absolutely desperate/water boy

AKA: Jebu

Strengths: Talking football strategies and the like on Internet messageboards

Weaknesses: Talking football strategies and the like on Internet messageboards

Comment: Does anyone know where Jebu will be playing?

Previous Worldnets: 3

Dan Bennett

Position: Midfielder/Defender

AKA: Benno, The Rash

Strengths: He likes everyone, don't you pal?

Weaknesses: Under the thumb

Comment: Dan was famously chasing a girl at the last worldnet, now he has one will he stop giving silly free kicks away?

Previous Worldnets: 3

Jonathan Veal

Position: Winger


Strengths: His dad buys the champagne

Weaknesses: His left knee, retired car salesmen

Comment: Can the lad with the Golden Touch make it two Worldnets out of two?

Previous Worldnets: 1

Adis Kassam

Position: Midfielder

AKA: Adis

Strengths: He has access to guns should anyone need one

Weaknesses: The hair, those gloves and his watch

Comment: Is Adis actually going to turn up this year?

Previous Worldnets: 2

Steve Burns

Position: Striker

AKA: Burnsy

Strengths: His knowledge of real ale

Weaknesses: Suffered depression after a life changing weekend away

Comment: Can the big man go out with a bang by beating his 12 goals of last year?

Previous Worldnets: 3

Keep checking back for more exclusive stories in the build up to this year's Worldnet Tournament.