Internet Millers vs Warrington Seniors Preview

Match: Vs Warrington Seniors
Meet: 11:15am
Kick Off: Midday (pitch booked for 2 hours)
Location: Aurora (Located on Bawtry Road)

Jebu (CF/Mid)
Steve (CF/GK )
Duds (Def/Mid)
Addis (Mid/CF)
Chris Grist (Mid/CF)
Lee (Def/Mid)
Dan (Def/Mid)
Symon (Mid/CF)
Chris (Def)
Andy (Mid)
Mike B (Mid)
Skip (GK)
Jonny (Def/Mid)

Comments on Opposition

This is very much a friendly game in every sense of the word. We have coined the opposition Warrington Seniors as they are a selection of senior players over the age of 40 from the Warrington region that every now and again get together to tour around the UK and play some football matches. On the Saturday our South Yorkshire neighbours Sheffield United will be entertaining our opponents, giving them two games this weekend. The team itself is made up of supporters from many clubs, Tranmere, Liverpool, Everton and a host of other clubs, there is even a Sheffield Wednesday supporter in their ranks! We welcome them to Rotherham and are looking forward to a good game of football played in Great Spirit.

Pre Match Comments

After a successful flutter with a 352 formation against Hull it would be tempting to plump for this option straight away. However, the success of this formation is dependent on the personnel available and we do have a few players missing for the game. I will probably be looking to start with a 442 and then perhaps shifting to a 352 late in the game to try out a few different heads in the important positions. It will be nice to see Mike and Chris back playing for us and get a good long run out for the young lads. I don’t want us to take this game overly serious as it is just a friendly and beyond everything on Sunday we want everyone there to have some fun. The Warrington lads will be staying for a couple of beers before shooting back across the Pennines and I for one will be joining them (drinking beer not going back with them!). Of course we want to win, we want to keep up high confidence into Worldnet run in and we really should not underestimate a team of seniors, but above all lets enjoy ourselves.