Internet Millers v Coventry Supporters

Surface: Astro
Status: Friendly
Location: Coventry - Westwood Campus Sports Ground
Meet: 10:00am
Kick Off: 10:30am
Chris Grist
Lee L
Westwood Campus Sports Ground
Coventry, CV4 7AL It's on Kirby Corner Road
Follow the M69 all the way to the end... it becomes dual carriageway _and_ the A46. (Jebu: M69 is J21 off the M1 south just past Leicester Forest Services).
First island, take the first exit (Jebu: When I travel down to Kims house in Kenilworth im pretty sure this is signposted A46 Warwick)
Next Island, (TGI Fridays on the right as you approach) go straight on, ie 2nd Exit.
Another mile or so gets you to the Bagington roundabout, with the traffic lights, follow signs for the A45 Birmingham.
Once on the A45... straight on over the first island (Safeways garage on the left). And straight on until the next island, There is a Police station and a Fire station on this Island
At this roundabout take the 1st exit onto Sir Henry Parkes Road. Carry on until another roundabout and go straight on and then there's another roundabout (more or less straight away) and take a right exit (2nd I think) onto Kirby Corner Road. (Nearly there now!)
Take the 3rd entrance to the Westwood Campus (this will be on the right) and I will be there to meet you. (It is opposite some National Grid offices)
All those people not travelling down on their own accord will be going with Burnsy in his car who will be travelling straight back. If anyone decides they want to watch the match plenty of people have cars and can fit people in afterwards.
Comments on Opposition
This will be the Internet Millers first ever meeting with Coventry Supporters team, nicknamed SBA FC. It is also the wish of the Coventry team that each game they play is just a friendly and as such this game will not count towards the IFA league. Consequently, there is very little information on the Coventry side past performances to go on.
However, in their final games of last year they lost to a usually strong West Brom side 4-2 and an unknown Wigan side 3-0. Land of UT Gods 2004, a small Worldnet like tournament, saw Coventry draw 0-0 with Hull City and 1-1 with Leicester City leaving them with a penalty shootout decider in their group against Hull. They won the penalty shootout and went on to comfortably beat Scunthorpe 3-0 in the quarter finals. However, they came unstuck against a Doncaster side that defended resolutely to hang on to a 1:0 win.

These results don’t tell us too much about the side. Looking over their past results in 90 minute 11 a side matches they have lost a lot more than they have won but had some strong performances in cup competitions. Certainly we would be foolish to underestimate them as without playing IFA league games its perfectly fine to draft in a few players to help out. Overall, the Coventry team is pretty unknown to IMFC but we should show them respect going into the match.
Squad Comments
With RUFC about as likely to score a goal as they are win a match not surprisingly I was a little concerned about getting an 11 together to travel down to Coventry. However, this is a perfect chance for some of the younger lads and newer players to get a long amount of time in their preferred position to keep knocking on the management teams door. The response has been good and we travel down to Coventry with a squad of 13 players.
However, there is no denying we are missing several experienced IMFC players. Shark, Denti, Dan, Paul El, Gaz, Jammer, Andy P, Gav, Steve R, Copey will all not be travelling down to Coventry. Manager Skip and his son Jonny will also be not travelling. Consequently, a 442 formation will almost definitely be used throughout the full 90 minutes.
In net 3 IMFC players will be rotated giving them 30 minutes each in net. Symon, Dave and Mark will all have a stint in net. Dave has had a few games in net for IMFC in the past and Mark plays Sunday league in the net for his team, Symon used to play in the net at a younger age so between them the IMFC goal will be in safe hands.
In defence a large amount of changes will be made. Mark, Dave and Duds will take their usual roles along the back line in some points of the game. Lee and Chappel provide an option at full back positions. However, look out for usual strike force Jebu and Burns to be taking up defensive roles for large periods of the game. Jebu has a lot of experience as a right back and Burns has played a central defensive role quite effectively for some of his teams in the past.
In midfield there are a few options in the centre of the Park. Certainly Bash will get a good chance to show his worth in the middle of the park and the management team may use this friendly opportunity to try out young Lee in a central midfield role at some point in the game. As well as defensive roles Jebu and Burnsy can be utilised in the centre of the park so later in the match they both might be commanding the centre of the park. Out wide, John2 and Stuart provide the most natural wingers but later in the game Bash and striker Lee L may have a small stint out on the wings.
Up front Chris Grist will get the majority of the game on the front line and will be partnered by Lee L on his debut for Internet Millers. After his 30 minutes in the net Symon will have good chance to show his pace and skills on the front line. Injuries permitted, IMFC leading scorer Jebu and IFA league leading scorer Burns will not be on the front line in this game but the option does remain to push the two up front if needed for any reason.
Pre Match Comments
If no one gets injured and everyone’s fitness levels hold up then all travelling will get 75 minutes except one person that will get 90 minutes. If you pick up any injuries or just don’t feel fit enough to keep playing please let me (Jebu) or Burnsy know and you can quite simply take a 15 minute break. Using this method everyone gets a chance to show their capabilities ahead of next weeks Millwall game.
Its important we go out and enjoy ourselves in this game. It’s a good chance for the young lads to express themselves for long periods of the game in their preferred positions. A few of the more senior positions will be taking different roles so it will be interested to see how they cope in these positions.
With the Millwall game just on the horizon where a rather different approach will be taken to the game I urge everyone in this squad to give their all when they are on the pitch and prove that if needed they can help change/strengthen a big game. All the feedback from this game will be passed onto Skip for the game next week but for now lets concentrate on this game. Lets keep our winning run going and above all enjoy yourselves, express yourselves and be confident on the ball.
A full match review will appear on this site at a later date.