Internet Millers In Grimsby Tournament

What an ugly bunch!
The Millers will take part in the 'Comfort Day 2004' tournament along with Grimsby, York, Scunthorpe, Forest, Sheffield United, Huddersfield and Tranmere supporters.

The competition is split into two groups, with the top two of each group going into the stronger competition, and the bottom two going into the 'Bucket & Spade' competition.

The full draw is as follows:

Pitch Two:
10:00 Rotherham vs Grimsby
10:50 Tranmere vs York
11:30 Rotherham vs York
12:10 Grimsby vs Tranmere
12:50 Rotherham vs Tranmere
13:30 Grimsby vs York City

Pitch One
10:00 - Huddersfield vs Scunthorpe
10:50 - Notts Forest vs Sheff Utd
11:30 - Huddersfield vs Sheff Utd
12:10 - Scunthorpe vs Notts Forest
12:50 - Huddersfield vs Notts Forest
13:30 - Scunthorpe vs Sheff Utd

Games will be 11 a side, lasting 15 minuted each way. This is the same format as the Worldnet competition, so will give us a big opportunity to get some much needed practice for the competition.

We will enter the tournament as one of the favourites, sitting in the highest position in the league out of all the entrants. However, some teams have played far less games, so this is not necessarily a fair reflection of ability.

In our group we have beaten Grimsby 3-0 and 1-0 this season, and also beaten York 5-1 away from home. Tranmere are unknown to us, so we would hope to win our first two scheduled games.

Unfortunately many regulars are missing from our line up, so we will be welcoming new players to come and show us what they can do. Addis will get his first real chance since the away game at Grimsby, and Symon will have his first chance of a run out in an Internet Millers shirt.

We are looking for a squad of around 15 players for the tournament, so if you feel you could add to our sqaud why not register your interest - email