Internet Millers Face Hull

The game will be the second time Internet Millers have played Hull this season, but the game will not be classed as a league game, as Hull have already competed the maximum of 20 fixtures allowed.

After beating Hull 7-3 almost two years ago, Internet Millers have lost the last two encounters away from home 3-2, so will be keen to beat Hull in this game.

The game is to be played at the Manvers Sports Centre, Dearne Valley College, with a 12:00 Kick Off.

Hull currently stand at the top of the IFA league table, although this is not necessarily a fair reflection of their ability as they have completed more fixtures than other teams near the top of the table. This factor alone will make it a game to look forward to for the Millers players, and it will prove a good opportunity to allow the players to practice together before the Worldnet 2004 competition.

Due to the lack of adequate facilities in Rotherham, the game will be played on Synthetic turf, which is a cross between astro-turf and grass.