The 20Questions - Tranmere 2/1/06

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Who are you, where are you from and how long have you supported your club?
I'm Matthew Jones and I've been a life long Tranmere fan. From the Wirral and I'm now 15 years old.

What was your first game?
First game was back in 1994 when I was four. Rovers beat Luton Town 1-0 and John Aldridge scored the winner.

Describe the most memorable and the worst game you have seen and why?
Most memorable moment is either beating Everton 3-0 at Goodison in the F.A. Cup or being at Wembley for the League Cup Final of 2000. Unfortunately, we lost 2-1 to Leicester City . My worst moment will always be walking away from Prenton Park at the age of ten to find out we had just been relegated to Division 2, now League One.

Who are your current local rivals and why?
Hmmm… tough one. Last year we had Wrexham but they were relegated. So I'll say Blackpool . Don't know why, I just think we don't get on very well.

Who are the best and worst players you have seen?
Best players and worst. I'll take this as meaning Tranmere and I'll say the worst is probably Mickey Mellon because he couldn't pass forward and the best was either Ryan Taylor who we sold to Wigan in the summer or John Aldridge.

How did you fare last season?
Last season we finished third and lost on penalties in the play-off Semi-Finals to Hartlepool . Always a bad way to lose a game. We probably overachieved in retrospect, as we never tore anybody apart, jus chipped away with one goal wins. After selling our three best players, we have now shown this season we were never that good.

Where do you think you'll finish up this season?
Heart says play-offs, head says tenth.

If Tranmere were a TV personality, who would it be and why?
Don't know really. I'd like to say Eastenders in general, because we play boring football.

So what do you think of The Millers?
I don't think I have ever seen Tranmere play Rotherham , not that I can remember anyway. But they appear to be having a tough time of it, especially with Burton now gone. When they came down, I thought possibly mid-table this season and I still think they can do that, as they are now beginning to kick-off.

Which current or former Millers player has impressed you the most? Deon Burton did great for you and you're going to miss his goals a lot.

Are you happy with your chairman and board members?
Yes, a lot of people aren't, but they have stabilized Tranmere Rovers FC and we now actually have money to spend! Plus they have stuck with Brian Little, which is a good thing.

Which team do you want to beat this season the most and why?
Swansea , because a lot of their fans are big headed and need to brought down to earth.

McAteer - My view is Tosser, Your view??
At first he was awful for us, but he has come back from injury lately and has been brilliant and instrumental in his two appearances since. Plus he's a nice guy off the pitch.

Hows Chris Greenacre playing? We were very close to signing him in close season.
Greenacre is like little Mickey Owen. He does nothing for 89 minutes and then pops up and scores a goal which claims us three points. He is a wonderful finisher, one of the best in the league but lacks pace, height and possibly a bit of skill. However, if provided service, he is prolific.

What sort of line up can we expect from you?
Haven't a clue, we've played three formations in our last four matches.

Who's your strongest/weakest link?
Strongest link is either our strong defence (minus Mike Jackson) where Sharps is a rock and we have two good wing-backs in Roberts and Francis. Our weak link is inevitably our midfield which lacks creativity and ambition.

What's your predicted score?
Tranmere Rovers 1-0 Rotherham United. Chris Greenacre to score the goal.

Who's going up?
I'll be bold and say Brentford and Huddersfield automatically with Bournemouth sneaking through the play-offs.

Who's going down?
I'd say Franchise FC (MK Dons) look likely as do Blackpool . But otherwise, I'm not really sure, as Swindon and co. have picked up of late.

And finally….Meat and tatty, Beef n Onion or Balti?
Gotta be Meat and tatty hasn't it!

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