We need to perform for the full 90 minutes.

Last updated : 28 January 2012 By Bigrich.....

"If you look at the whole game we've had more chances than we've had in two or three games and really good chances, not just half chances, they're one-on-ones or shots in front of goal.

"Their keepers made a great save, Grabb's has missed a one on one in the first half, the lad had blocked one on the line and Grabbs had a one-on-one. It didn't go in for us, we knew that at one-nil at half-time if we could perform the same again we'd win the game but When you concede goals from set-pieces as easily as that you've got no chance. Especially at Dagenham, we knew they were going to chuck everything at us. We knew they would pump balls into the box and make it hard, we should have dealt with it."

"There was a 15-minute spell in the game where we haven't performed very well and it cost us the game. When things are going against you they really go against you. But we showed after we conceeded the 2nd goal we go down the other end and score a goal straight away. It's difficult to put your finger on it, but we showed in the first half, and at times in the second half, we should have won this game comfortably but its too many what if's all the time."

"In open play we looked alright but in set peices you've got to mark your man. We spoke about it at half time and made sure everybody knew who they were marking, and if they had made changes what we were going to do. You either mark your man or you don't and if you don't then he's going to score a goal chances are."

"Thats the difference in both boxes, we were'nt defensively agressive enough and in the other we were'nt ruthless enough and thats the difference."

"The fans are obviously annoyed that we haven't won and they're venting their anger but everybody saw that we played well enough to win this game and its just going against us a the minute. Everybody out there gave their all, but we didnt defend those areas, but thats the way things are going and if we took our chances we're home and dry."

"You want the complete performance and your trying as much as you can to get that  but you've got to do it for 90 minutes."

"You work on set peices (in training) but when your out there its very difficult to replicate what other teams do, you replicate how to mark someone and you trust your players to mark that player, I can't go and play the games for them, I can only give them indication. We knew at half time they were going to throw the kitchen sink at us, we knew they weere going to pump balls into the box, we knew we had to get the second ball and make it tough for them. We went on the front foot at times, and when we were we caused them all sorts of problems and they couldnt cope with us, but we've got to do it for the whole game and we didnt."