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Mark told the clubs official site; "I thought it was a fairly typical end of season game that wasn't bad in spells before it was poor in spells, overall Barnet came and had a real go."

"They over committed at the end as they tried to get back in the game but I thought we controlled the first half, that's the story of the season as we should have scored more goals before they had an attempt. We restricted them to long range efforts and to be fair we have done brilliantly to overcome a poor run of form due to circumstances and the players deserve a real pat on the back."

"It is no mean feat as there are only two clubs - us and Leeds - who have lost points and not gone down. There's a lot to take from that in a season that promised a lot but hasn't delivered through no fault of our own. Look at our points tally without the deduction and we would have 74 that generally is enough to make the play-offs."

"We have to hope that nest season we can reach the target we set for this one but it remains to see what happens as there is going to be a challenge for us before we kick off."

"Jamie Green was excellent and there will be a real battle for the spot when Steve Brogan gets back, they can both play on that side, he has been a real plus and I am pleased with his goal. He did very well against a player who has been touted for the Premiership."

"I had to change the formation a couple of times that I don't really like doing but needs must, we deserved the win. Everybody is now ready for a break and then lets gather our thought and see what happens although I know there is a lot of work to be done and I am looking forward to that."
"The football side takes a back seat for a little while and then we go on and try to help us achieve what we want to do. I have to start planning for next season and I am looking forward to it."

"The atmosphere today was brilliant, it was the last game and for us it was a good start for the new owner."

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