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"I had a few heart palpitations in the second half but it was a game that typified the status of both sides. We were absolutely different class in the first half, we passed it excellently, the movement was good all that was missing was a goal, then we get a doubious penalty I think and from there we controlled the first half totally and limited them to half chances, we gave too many free kicks away because they are a good set peice side, we conceded from one again and for me that was the only blight on a decent performance."

"Second half we knew they would come at us and you've got to be able to withstand that but I think we dealt with everything they threw at us, we knew that was coming as theyre fighting for thier lives in this division and I think second half they put us under some pressure. That said I think we had 3 one on one chances and plenty of the ball in thier half and on another day we would have won by a bigger margin."

"I tried to leave Tom (Cahill) on that bit longer becuase he needs to get that fitness in him and I thought he was excellent, I thought he got hold of the ball well and his use of it after he got hold of it. Thats something for him to build on. Ryan Taylor as well. When your two strikers are performing like that you've got a chance. Although they've not got on the scoresheet today they've allowed the other lads to get out and we've got 2 goals from the midfield players again."

"When you've got dominance, the longer it goes on without scoring it puts you under pressure a little bit, you've seen games like it where you've had total domination and then concede a goal and they shut up shop. We were absolutely mindful of the fact, we knew what they were going to do, we knew they were going to try and keep it tight for a little while, although they matched us up and tried to get the imputus that way but it was only in the second half when they were coming down the hill they put Jamie Green under a bit of pressure and I thought he dealt with it very well."

"I thought everybody was excellent today, especially in the first half, some decent passing movements in the second half and like I say some real good chances, some one on ones and just unfortunate today that one of them didnt go in."

"I thought the referee was poor, he gave some poor decisions against us, I think he was playing a game of opposites today."

"I thought generally first half we controlled it well, passed it well and moved well. Decent decision making, they put us under no pressure at the back in the first half."

"Obviously the turnaround in the second half, the weather, the wind was blowing it into our goal, down the hill all the ingrediants for a heart stopping second half."

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