The result flatters Shrewsbury - Robins

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Speaking to Radio Sheffield, Robbo thought his team deserved something from the game.

"It was a poor game, we gave 2 poor goals away and we gave it them. I think that the result flatters them and the performance was below par for us and it looked like from our point of view and I'm dissapointed with because of the effort and commitment they've shown all season is the lack of what looked like desire to go and defend and I'm dissapointed to have to say that because they have been different class all season."

"Having said that we were playing a team who are going for the play-offs where as we are in a virtual world where we are looking to achieve something had we not had a points penalty. So it's difficult to replicate the same sort of emotion and instinct that Shrewsbury are playing for. They are playing for something tangiable, we're not and thats the difficulty for us at the moment."

"That said, the players have to play and they're always judged, your only as good as your last game and today wasnt good enough. We have 3 games left and win our game in hand on Tuesday night and our targets are back on again for the season."

"Dissapointing result, we got ourselves back into the game and just let them walk around 5 of our players and put it in the back of the net." Robbo added.

"Positives were that we improved slightly in the second half, we got a bit more belief in the second half certainly after we scored the goal we started to creat a few chances for ourselves. We didn't make a chance until late in the first half and it was a shot that went over the bar. Second half we had to improve because we were poor in the first half but for me it was a real below par performance and an end of season game and I really dont want to be talking like that about a team of mine."

"Fatigue isnt an issue, the players have had some rest this week, you can make excuses but the reasons are that your not playing for anything tangible
and thats the difficulty at this part of the season."

"We have 2 weeks left and 3 games. For me we still have something to play for and we have to kick on. We have 3 tasty games left we're playing Bradford City, we have Morecambe on Tuesday and finish with Exeter so we've got a say on who goes up, whos in the play-offs and whos not."

"For me today was an opportunity to stamp our authority and to have a look at the teams who are stuggling to get in the play offs and see where we are. But obivously its not a true measurement of where we are this season."

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