Ronnies Reaction - Coventry City

Last updated : 03 January 2005 By Bigrich.....
With the wind and rain it wasnt a classic game, but we got 1 nil up and was cruising, I could'nt see any danger from Coventry at all, The Second half all we had to was to see the clock away, 45 minutes from a massive result for us."

"But to conceed two bad goals, McSheffrey had all the freedom, and the lads got a shot in, then we could defend the corner. Why do we always leave it until the last five minutes for us to play at the tempo we need to?" - (ED - I dunno mate, your the manager!! You tell us!)

"When you consider how the teams played against Leicester and West Ham, how the hell can they come out and perform like they did in the second half? Thats the reason why we're bottom of the league, the consistancy and mistakes from some of the players is why."

"There's one or two players today that I thought was found wanting! Campbell-Ryce had a good game and was always a threat, We've had chances, but they've hit us on the break and its 1-1."

"I dont know wether we think we can be a footballing side, but there was once or twice it was just square square square, and thats not our tempo! I said at half time lets get them turned and in the corner, get the 2 strikers after it and push em up from the half way line, they had no pace to hurt us."

"I dont think the weather was a factor, it was the same for both teams. We just didnt deal with basic defending, We allowed them to get balls in the box, i thought defensively we were appualing. For me there was only really Hursty who came out with any credit from the back four, and Campbell-Ryce from up-front. We were lacklustre in midfield, Shaun Barkers in there to win tackles so is Mclaren."