Not at our best, but should have won!! - Knill

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Speaking to Radio Sheffield after the game, Millers boss Alan Knill was seemingly calm about the goal that was'nt.

"At first I thought that Shaun Barker was going to put it in, but he's hit the post and comes back. Theres a scramble and what you usually look for is people's reactions. Our players were shouting its a goal, its over the line and their players did'nt seem to moan about it. But the two people that really matter the linesman and the referee decided that it was'nt. But I've seen the pictures and its well over."

"Obviously dissapointed it should be a win but we did'nt lose and we had more of the game. We deserved to win."

"We created some good chances. First half Will (Hoskins) had a good chance and Mullin had one from the kick off, Second half the same we opened them up and Paul Shaw's had two. Another day they will go in and at least we're making chances and look like we can score. All in all we deserved the win."

"You rely on the officials to do thier job and do it well, that's what they're paid for. People are onto me and the players if they dont perform and you expect from the officials, thats what theyre paid to do and they get paid well. So I expected one of them at least to say yes its over as it was so blatently over the line."

"The linesman said he was unsighted, I think its his job to be sighted, but theres nothing I can do about it, I can't moan about it, even though I have had a good moan. But we look forward to Hartlepool. We have'nt had the luck we deserved today but its coming."

Talking of Lee Williamson's goal, "It was a great goal, we've been working all week that Paul Shaw would come short and a midfielder would get past and it was a great finish and great goal. It's just a dissapointment that we could'nt hold onto it. Especially from a set-peice, its a stright ball in and a stright header. Those sort of things you try to stop and you think you can as we're decent at them, but today we we'rent and it cost us."

"Every games vital, we came here today thinking we could win here and we should have won. It will be no different against Hartlepool next week and no different whoever we play after that. We have a belief that we can win every game. So far I have'nt seen a team that has said otherwise, I think if we are at our best we can compete and compete well, today we were'nt at our best but should have won the game comfortably."
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