Angry Evans down after late draw

Last updated : 02 November 2013 By Bigrich.....

"I've not got any reflective thoughts, I'm as down as I've ever been, they've had 2 efforts on goal and thats the second one. I knew there was a minimum of four (minutes added time), it was the fifth when they score, we should deal with the ball into the box, but we've had enough chances to win once again, it's like a record player now isnt it?

Asked if it was a confidence thing, an angry steve evans said; "how can you ask if it a confidence thing when you've just watched us BATTER them, just absolutely BATTER them from start to finish? We've got a tendancy to make an error and that's killing us, we don't get any consistancy in team selection because of bookings, you see a booking today that is scandlous, they get 3 warnings and no booking, so we're being restricted in personel."

"The dressing rooms devastated, theres no point in me coming out with words like we'll be back in Monday and all that stuff. This is as down as I've ever been, We've absolutely battered them senseless but not won."

Asked how the team could turn the domination into wins, Evans said; "We've scored 2 goals at home, we should win. We've made 2 defensive errors, a free header in the box for their equilizer, it's come well over the allocated 4 minutes, I know its a minimum but I feel there was only one substitution and no pyshio's on the pitch he must stop it, but he didn't."

"We've created enough good situations and chances to kill off the game and we've not."

"Thier manager was very complimentary about us, but I'm hearing that a lot of weeks now and I don't really want to listen to it anymore, I'm sick of it."

"There were no positives from today, not one. 7 games is a consistancy of something not being right and we know what they are, we just come back to work on Monday don't we. It's really really hard to take, thats as big a hiding as Colchester will get. But we said that last week, we said it against Tranmere, we said it against Peterborough."

"What can you do, we come back into training on Monday and go again, it's hard to take that, hard to take."

Steve was asked if he was looking to bring anybody in from the loan market; "No, now's not the time and we need to re-group and look at it, work it through and get some players back on the pitch. We were missing our captain today, Craig's missing. Last week we were missing O'Connor and Frecks, we're going to be missing Arnason and O'Connor on international duty, it's hard and it's hard when we miss players through suspensions. I see my players get cautioned and then others get the benefit of the doubt and I'll say it, it's scandalous, thats what it is, it's scandalous but what can we do about it?"