45 Minutes a game isnt good enough - Scott

Last updated : 15 January 2012 By Bigrich.....

"If you don't perform for 90 minutes against good sides, you don't deserve anything. It's too easy to play well and chase a game, but you have got to have some heart and the desire to do it from the start."

"We had a great opportunity today, we've done a lot of work on Swindon, I went to watch them on Tuesday and they played exactly how I knew they were going to play, they got men behind the ball, they were going to attack, we knew we had to attack down the wings, we knew that there was going to be space for our full backs to drive into. We knew if we could get the ball to our wingers we could take full backs on, and yet we get to 45 minutes and we haven't done it."

"It amazes me the mentality of some players, They think they know it all. If they had gone to Barnet with me and watched the game (against Swindon) and they think they can do something different, then maybe we can have a chat about it. But I watched the game, set up coaching sessions specifically designed to beat Swindon, and if we had played like we did in the second half for 90 minutes then we would have done that. But we keep saying the same thing and it's another team in the top seven thats done a job on us and its the players responsibility to get hold of each other because against Bradford we started poorly, We made the point, I got into them before the game and was pretty aggressive in the way we spoke about how positive we had to start and get off on the front foot, The fact that they have played 2 games in the time we've not played at all and yet we go and play like we did for 45 minutes is not acceptable and the fans can see it, we can see it. Unfortunately we've come in at half time again, its easy when your up against it when your 2-0 down, go on have a go at time, but that doesnt kid me, it doesn't kid me one bit."

"There was nothing in it, they hadn't really created anything before the goals and had'nt really created much afterwards, it was a typical away performance with someone who is coached who is Italian, they defend well and get people behind the ball and do things well and they break quickly. But we've got caught with 2 shots falling to fantastic player who's got a very good left foot. We've given the ball away from a throw in, and we've hit a ball which should have been a better ball to Grabbs from Rev's for the second goal and you will get punished, but I'm not hiding away from the issue that we didnt start well."

"We spoke about full backs driving into space and committing their wide players out of holes so we can get it to our players who can then take on full backs who aint great defenders, we didn't do it first half, did it great in the second half and no co-incidence we scored from a cross. We had numerous corners and lots of opportunitys and were camped in their half, they couldnt get out and when we get the ball in the middle if they have lots of players in the middle of the pitch then down the sides is where we can get our joy, and we did get joy when we did it properly."

"But the fact that we didnt start on the front foot and wasn't positive enough when people have got time on the ball and they want to pass it sideways is beyond me, I'm asking them to be positive and show me what they can do, and they kept on giving the ball away.. Amazing."