Who's won all the pies?? IS IT YOU???

Last updated : 04 November 2008 By Bigrich.....
Everybody loves pies, especially Pukka Pies judging on the response in the October competition..

31 of you got the question right, and the draw has been done with numbers 7, 18 and 23 being pulled by the postees on the match thread.

The question was:
The ball is cleared from the goal area (6 yard box) to an attacker who, from the edge of the penalty area, immediately shoots for goal.

The ball hits the referee who is standing just outside the corner of the goal area and is deflected into the goal. The ball, in the opinion of the referee, was going wide. Does the referee
a - award the goal
or does he disallow the goal and restart play with:
b - a dropped ball
c - a goal kick
d - a corner kick

Answer is A
Reason is that the referee is considered to be part of the field of play, just like a corner flag post, goal post or crossbar. If the ball rebounds off a goal post, say, than play continues. And so, if the ball hits the referee, play continues. The ball went into the goal so a goal is awarded.

Matt Brennan win the months worth of Pukka Pies (36)
Dean Critchley and Gary Senior are the runners up who both win a tray of Pukka's (12 pies)!!

You will be contacted by us and you will have to collect the pies from Eric Twigg Foods depot at Parkgate.

The competition for November is currently running to win a pair of executive tickets (including buffee etc) for the game against Port Vale on Boxing Day - Click here to enter
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