Signed Millers Shirt - The Winner

Last updated : 15 March 2009 By Bigrich.....
Last month we asked..

An attacking player is penalised for offside inside the goal area (6 yd box). The indirect free kick for the defence is taken from:

Answer is C - Anywhere inside the goal area (6 yd box)

Reason - Since 1992, free kicks to the defending team inside their own goal area, and goal kicks, can be taken from anywhere inside that goal area.

We had 21 correct answers so well done to all that got it right.. I have just asked for a number on the boards and Kerry Miller picked out number 3 which was Damien Frost, so well done to you and we'll be in touch..

New competition will start tomorrow.. For everybodys favorite prize!! THE PIES!!!!

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