Eric Twigg Foods comp - November Winners.

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Last months competition was to win two Executive Lounge tickets and seats (includes pre match buffet) to the Port Vale game on Boxing Day.

The question was-
The referee blows the whistle for a penalty kick to be taken. One player, a team mate of the kicker, encroaches into the penalty area. The ball hits a goal post and rebounds to the team mate who scores.

Does the referee:
A - Allow the goal
B - Have the penalty kick retaken
C - Award an indirect free kick from where he scored
D - Award an indirect free kick from where he had encroached on the edge of the penalty area

The Answer is D, award an indirect free kick from where the team mate of the kicker had encroached into the penalty area at the taking of the penalty kick.

Reason: The goal cannot be allowed to stand as the attacking team had committed an infringement: the encroachment.

The penalty kick cannot be retaken as the kicker had failed to score: the ball had rebounded out from the goal post. The indirect free kick is awarded from where the infringement occurred, and not from where he shot.

Just 3 people got it right, and this months winner is Alf Cuttell with Ashley Mullett and Charlotte Thomas picking up the runners up prizes.

We will be in touch..

Meanwhile, Decembers competition is now running.
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