You've got to take the mascot job seriously - Miller Bear

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The person in the bear outfit is revealed in the Rotherham Advertiser this week as a 29yr old salesman from Rotherham.

Pete Broughton, is the one who has made the new Millers mascot a popular figure with all ages:

"My family always wondered how long it'd take me to get paid to act daft. Now it's happened,"

Pete tells how being the soul of the party has helped in his job:

"The Miller Bear character is very much me because I'm an outgoing type anyway. I'm the life and soul of the party, usually the first on the dance floor and I always get up and sing on the karaoke. "If you're going to do this mascot job, you've got to take it seriously otherwise you'd just be stood around doing nothing most of the time. "I put everything into it. It's just a bit of fun for the kids and the family but I think some of the older supporters are starting to warm to me a bit now and that's nice."

One game stands out for Pete when all the Dancing and encouraging the crowd had took its toll:

"The Chesterfield game last season stands out," said Pete. "It was a very hot day. We scored a goal and so I gave it the full works as normal, leaping around, doing carthwheels and a bit of shadow boxing. "I was puffing like a good 'un in the costume and I was trying to get back breath back when we went on the attack again. As we got close to goal, it thought, oh no, not now."

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