Worst week of my life! - Warrington

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The Millers goalkeeper tells the Tiser that although the players are'nt on mega bucks, taking a wage deferral was a must; "We've all got mortgages to pay and, unlike what some believe, we're not millionaires. I admit this isn't grassroots football but you do have to earn your crust. You don't get things handed to you on a plate." he said.

"If us taking wage deferrals can help the club survive, then good. Players come and players go, but the club has to survive and that's what we're all hoping for. This club was in the Championship only four or five years ago and it would be a blow to the town if it disappeared." he added.

Andy then went on to speak about last weekends farce at Morecambe, where only himself, Pablo Mills and Tom Cahill came out with any credit.

"From one to 11 we just weren't good enough. We never got going and too many of us didn't perform. We ended up feeling sorry for ourselves and in any walk of life you just can't do that. If we do the same this Saturday we'll have the same result." he said

"You can go on about the off-field problems but when you step over that while line it shouldn't really matter. You've got to give 100 per cent and if you don't do then you leave yourself open to criticism and you don't deserve to be in the side."

"I'm the worst person in the world when we have been beaten, and we got hammered at Morecambe. We were torn apart, there's no other word for it. No-one could come off the pitch with their head high."

"I feel sorry of the supporters. Four bus-loads went to Morecambe. If I'd have been them I'd have gone home at half time, but they stuck by us."

"I firmly believed last summer that we could do something this season but circumstances have dictated otherwise. We've got to knuckle down now. We're playing for our futures. We want the club to keep going and us be here for next season and achieve something."

"If we can go on a run then it breeds confidence and we can go into the summer on a more positive note."

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