Why I turned down extension offer - Evans

Boss Evans, in the first year of a three year deal, was offered an extension by Tony Stewart this week.

And the gaffer explains why he chose to turn down the Chairmans offer.

“I have every belief in what we're doing and so has the chairman, to the extent that when I met him on Monday he said that, knowing how unhappy I have been with the last couple of performances, if it settled me down he would extend my contract", said Evans.

“I said let me earn it and he respected that. I want to show the Rotherham United fans I am deserving of that and to be part of a long-term strategy. I'm not here to take contract extensions or to take duration over delivery. I’m here to deliver success for this club as soon as possible.

"I was asked to put together a squad of players that could ultimately take us to automatic promotion or the play-offs and I think we are bang on schedule to do that.

"I didn't come here to be a one-season wonder. I came here for a three or four year plan to take this football club to the Championship. I’m still the person to do it but I need the support of everyone.”