We've had 10 interested already - Tony

Last updated : 27 March 2011 By Bigrich.....

After Ronnie Moore left this week after 18 months in the managers office, Stewart revealed that he;s already has early interest in the position.

"We've had ten applications in already and some good ones among them—but there will be no change to the management team" he told todays Tiser.

"The guys (Warney and Lids) are here for the duration to show what they can do. This is the chance of their lives and they know that. They're putting the effort in and they've nothing to lose.
"These guys have been with the players every day; they drive the players and coach them. If they surprise us all then we will be sitting down with them in the summer. If it does not work out then we will be starting next season with a new manager."

The chairman gave it thought over the weekend before the decision was made to dismiss Ronnie in a meeting on Monday. "It was a board decision and it wasn't just about Chesterfield," he said.

"We've taken only 12 points from the last ten games. That was telling us 'jam tomorrow' but I didn't believe it and the directors didn't believe it. Everyone agrees we have a good side but they were not performing at the level we expected and we had to make a change.

"To bring another permanent manager in at this time would have been too radical because he wouldn't have had the time to bed in. The decision was made easier because we had this option with Andy Liddell.

"He works closely with the reserves side and they've done well. He's got a military discipline and he's knowledgeable. "We're five points off third place and the new guys are all enthusiastic."