We're making progress and I want promotion - Tony

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The meesage was simple from Tony Stewart ahead of the big kick off tomorrow, get promotion.

Tone kicked off the season as ever with a resounding speach, and spoke to the Tiser.

"We were all devastated to lose at Wembley—we were a hair's breath from promotion. There more determination now to do what we failed to do last season. It's been a case of out with the old and in with the new. Ronnie Moore has seen fit to go out bring in more defenders and midfielders he feels can do a job for us. He hasn't rushed into it. He's been careful and he feels quite good about the team.

"What we're looking forward to is seeing that orchestrated on the pitch. The new people coming in have fresh ideas and expectations. They have bought into what we are about. I have met them and there are some big, young and talented individuals among them. They've got character and ability and they are here because they think Rotherham United is going places and, you know what, that's what we think as well.

"We've knitted together a team of good athletes — young gladiators I call them—and it's part of the future. We want a young side that can develop and move up to where we want to be. We want every game to be like a cup final. Notts County were fearless last season. They went into every game thinking they would take everything. Rochdale had the same mentality, that fearless statement of saying 'we're the best.' We never had that and we want it this time around. We've got to set off like Rochdale and get the points bagged and play good football. We've got a more versatile midfield and more of a forward looking side but it's got to gel. The plans for the new stadium and training facilities are progressing but what I would hate is to deliver an iconic new home for Rotherham United and find we haven't a team to match it.

"I'm into my third season as chairman now and we've made progress. I don't lose sleep. When you have a body of professional people working alongside you it makes the job a lot easier. Looking at the league, Shrewsbury, Bradford and Chesterfield have invested. Oxford are new to the league and they have good support.

"I feel we should be up there with the leading sides. It's not about saying we want a good season—we want promotion! I'll be saying the same thing when we get to League One."

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