We're coping with the freeze, thanks to Tony's cash

Last updated : 10 January 2010 By Bigrich.....

The Millers have had their last five games called off and ahead of another free Saturday tomorrow Douglas stressed the need for Tony Stewart to dip into his pocket.

"Like many clubs at our level we are getting by with great difficulty," said Douglas.

 "Our biggest expense is the payroll and although we do make savings in terms of the players' appearance money and win and draw bonuses, it is still a tough time. We have lost three home games to the weather now, with all the lost revenue that comes with it.

"It has to be remembered that clubs like ours can't rely on TV rights money like those higher up the scale. We depend heavily upon what we bring in on a matchday and if that is taken away then it is very difficult to work around. Also, it is almost certain that the rearranged games will not get as good crowds because they will be played in midweek."

Douglas added: "Two years ago a situation like this would have been a major problem for us. Thankfully, these days the club has reserves thanks to the generosity of the chairman and the shareholders."

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