We'll back anybody - RUSC

Last updated : 04 April 2008 By Bigrich.....
Last week, RUSC told the Advertiser that they were backing the bid by Dino Maccio and Alan Cartledge and would only launch their proposed 'TownTote' should the pair be successful in their bid to takeover the Millers.

However, this week they have backtracked and said that they will try and launch the Tote regardless of who comes in.

"We are applying for a gaming licence to launch the Tote and a full-time committee will be set up to run it. That situation will continue no matter who takes over." Hall told the Advertiser.

"No matter who takes the reigns at Millmoor, the supporters club will back them." he added.

Meanwhile, the Irish consortium's intrest in the Millers has cooled since last weeks statement from RUSC, having pervicing it as opposition from the Supporters Club.

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