We'd banked on a 20 point penalty - Stewart

Last updated : 08 August 2008 By Deano
Speaking to today's Advertiser, Stewart says the new stadium isn't simply a pipe dream and will happen in the timescale of four years - with the club set to lose it's 750K bond if league football doesn't move back to the town within that time.

Tony said: "I thought 15 points would have been fair but I would have liked ten.

"Everyone here had all worked on 20 and I was shocked and relieved that we were given 17.

"The punishment for failing to execute a CVA seems to be 15 points now. I've had it in my mind that Luton were docked 20 because they had been in administration three times. We've been in administration twice and, bearing in mind the measure of severety is 15 to 20 points, maybe that's why we've been docked 17."

He continued: "The people at the Football Foundation have been very good with us and they are happy with our intentions.

"Everyone knows we've earmarked Parkgate for the new ground and I'm still hopeful it can come to fruition in four years. With 18 months of planning and 18 months of building, a time calculation of four years is reasonable.

"The new stadium isn't just a dream. We've had to produce drawings and I've seen plans dated January 2008, which was before I even came in."
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