We won it on a coin flip - Warne

Last updated : 10 March 2022 By Millersmad

I was really pleased with our start, The first 15 minutes were great and I thought it might be a nice evening for us, but that isn't the way we do it. Hartlepool were then the superior side for the next 30 minutes.

"Conditions had a part to play because it was very windy but our better players composed themselves a lot more in the second half and we got through."

“Shane Ferguson is one of the best substitutions of my career. He come on for ten seconds, did not put a foot wrong and scored his penalty.

"The lads don't know it yet because they are young men but when they get older they will realise how important it is to play at Wembley," Warne said. "Some great players go all through their careers without getting there.

"I said to them, if we are going to lose at least lose giving it everything - and they did give everything."

“The dressing room is really happy. We’ve always tried to win and made subs to win. Tonight, we played against a very good side in very good atmosphere, and just nicked on a flick of a coin.”