We were poor, and we need to put it right - Sharps

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After the 3-1 loss when the lads were admittedly poor to a man, the captain
admitted there's been harsh words this week.

Ian told todays Tiser: "We were in the dressing room a long time trying to put things right but you can only do too much talking and there's one place to put it right and that's at Darlington this weekend.

"The lads have had their say. The gaffer also told us what he wants and what he doesn't want and he got a lot of what he didn't want on Tuesday. Whether we take it on board or not is up to us.

"I'll admit it was poor from start to finish the other night. We were lucky to go in 1-0 up at half time and we came out in the second half and carried on the same way. "It was very disappointing to play like that, in a big game especially. No-one can take any credit from it."

"We wanted to win," he said. "Sometimes it might come across that Bournemouth wanted it more but I can assure you our lads were trying. As a captain and a senior player, you know how much it means and how big a game it was whereas as a youngster you might think it was just another game.

"Hopefully we'll look back and think that match was just one that got away. Now we have to make sure we push on and put it right. We're as frustrated as the supporters and it doesn't help when they're frustrated at us, but they pay their money and they can say what they want.

"I admit we've been a bit Jeckyll and Hyde recently. We were solid at Chesterfield last week but not on Tuesday. If you could put your finger on why then you'd be a very clever man.

"What we need to do now is go back to the drawing board and start again. "All games are big now and good teams don't lose two on the trot. We need to bounce back and bounce back well."

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