We need to get tougher - Warne

Last updated : 08 September 2019 By Millersmad

"I thought their subs made them better. The impetus swapped at 60 minutes. 

"We started the second half well, then they got their tails up and the game got stretched. We didn't do what we were doing in the first half, we needed to slow the game down a bit but we didn't. 

"We didn't get control of it second half, they had a 15 minute period when they were definitely on top. We couldn't get out so the game completely swung. Even then you have to ride a bit of a storm anyway. I thought the penalty was very harsh, I think possibly a draw would have been a fair result for both terms. We didn't get the second goal when we were in the ascendancy and one goal is never enough. We didn't take it and it has come back to bite us.

"I think we have to be mentally tougher. I'm not sure how you do that, I'm not going to turn up with boxing gloves on or anything like that. Confidence is key in sport, especially in football, and that goal gave them the confidence to nick it at the end and it knocked the wind out of our sails."

"You have to ride a storm at some stage wherever you play away," the manager said. We need to be psychologically a bit stronger when the pressure comes on. If we had continued our first-half performance in the second half it would have been more than enough to win.

"It means a lot to the Rotherham fans to come here and see us perform. To lose the way we did after playing so well in the first half makes it worse. If we don't learn from the second half we're in trouble, aren't we? I won't be their teacher for long if we keep throwing away leads or can't see out games."