We need new blood

Last updated : 02 April 2017 By Millersmad

With a number of players out of contract in the summer, and the pathetic season we're enduring, its fair to say that we wont be intrested in keeping some of the players, even in a lower division.

Speaking to the Star, Warney said; “I think we need some fresh blood in, which means you’re not going to keep everybody who is out of contract,”

“We have discussed all of them, but I don’t think we have been definitive about any of them, No player has been told one way or the other."

“It’s also about whether they want to be here. Some of those lads might get offered deals that they don’t see as suitable. I’m well aware of that. I know how the world works. I wouldn’t say any of them would necessarily stay. Some might."

“I think it’s not my decision to make yet. We have a different sort of policy here now. Other people will play a part in the decision-making as well. If someone else was to come in, I’m not going to offer three lads contracts and then someone else says: “No, you can’t have them.”

“I have to accept that this team have conceded a lot of goals this season and a fresh start is essential in the summer, There is a gulf between the Championship and League One, I know. That doesn’t necesarily mean a Championship player can play in League One in the way we want to play.”