We look positive now - Circuit.

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Denis was upbeat about the situation regarding Stephen and told MillersWorld; "Stephen is doing very well. Myself and Mark went down yesterday. He had the operation yesterday morning and we were told everything went well with no complications. He's had a nail inserted down the bone."

"We saw him in the afternoon after theatre and he managed to get a smile on his face even thought he was still coming round from the anesthetic."

"So we look positive and look to look after him the best we can and hopefully this evening he should be back in Rotherham, If not we're confident he will be released soon."

"The big thing with this is that the nail will have to come out at some stage, that will be guided by our consultant in Sheffield who will liase with the one in Milton Keynes to see how the bone heals with when it heals. All I can say is that its going to be several months, I've known some people come back after 6-7 months, some others at 8-9 but we're all different with this."

Meanwhile Steven Cann looks set to be returning to full training after spending most of the season out with a shoulder injury.

"I've handed Steven over to Simon Tracy and he's been doing some goalkeeping work over recent weeks but last week Simons taken over now and he'll be guided by him."

"We're hoping that next week he'll be back in full training with the squad." Circuit added.
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