We don't deserve you as fans - Vaulks

Last updated : 22 March 2017 By Millersmad

23 year old Vaulks was pretty blunt in his interview with Radio Sheffield today, thanking the fans for thier support in whats been a dismal season, and how the team hope Warney gets the managers job on a permanant basis.

"The mood in the camp isn't great but we've got to show some pride now and do well for Warney and the fans. We don't want to be in this embarrassing situation and we, as players, feel it as much as anyone. There's no worse feeling."

'It's not a nice situation to be in but players are playing for our livelihood and have got to prove to Rotherham United that they should be taken on next year. We've got to man up, get on with it and show a bit of pride. The fans have been brilliant and a lot of other clubs' fans would have booed us off but they haven't here. We need to give a little back to the fans and try to end the season with pride to prove to them that there's something to play for next season. We are sorry and we don't really deserve you at the moment but stick with us."

With an announcement regarding the managers job due in the the next fortnight, Vaulks gave his backing to current interim boss Paul Warne.

''If was up to me and at least ninety-nine per cent of the players we want Warney to get the job. The squad was thin when he took over and he's done all he can with the little time he's had."

"Sometimes players have to realise the fault lies with them. You can't put anything on Warney and I hope he's in charge next year. He's got a bit of everything and wears his heart on his sleeve. He's honest with us players and you can speak to him about anything and he loves the club."