We didnt look like us - Warne

Last updated : 24 November 2020 By Millersmad

"Mixed is probably the nicest way to put it, I thought first half we were as poor as we have been this season, unfortunately. That is down to me, I pick the team so it is on my shoulders.

"I just didn't think we looked like 'us', I didn't think we won enough 50/50s, headers and we didn't play with any confidence. I think if you watch the game on iFollow you probably heard my voice more than anyone's."

"I was frustrated with our first half performance. The lads have been great for me so I'm not here to hammer them, but I thought we weren't as good as we could be. I knew the five subs would help me on one day, so I used four of them today."

"As the game went on I thought we got better. Swansea still had chances to score but I think if you watch the game back people will agree that is a handball."

"The subs came on and had a real positive impact which they're supposed to do. 

"We underperformed but we still nearly got a draw. I'm not trying to paper over the cracks - I was disappointed first half - but we can take something from the second half, We put some good balls in and Mickel and Trev livened us up down the left. Vass did and Smudge was a good presence up top and we caused more problems."

"It wasn't a game to really play football and sometimes you've just got to put it down the sides and do what you can. Unfortunately today that wasn't enough to win a point and we just have to plaster them up and get them ready for the next challenge which is just around the corner."