Warne wanting points on the road

Last updated : 28 July 2020 By Millersmad

In previous seasons in the Championship, The Millers Achilles heel was thier away form, something that Paul Warne is looking to improve on next season.

“Although we did do well in 2018-19, our away form killed us. We are going to have to put more pressure to get every last bit of energy and knowledge out of every player we have got.

“No football fans, especially ours, want a season where you feel like you are constantly fighting it. We want to try and play a way that will cause problems and pick up points.” Warne told the Yorkshire Post.

He said: “Maybe the pressure is not on us when we play a big team away from home, but we are going to have to put pressure on ourselves if we want to succeed.

Maybe, the social distancing measures of Covid-19 might work to the Millers advantage! “There will not be such a home advantage but ironically in the Championship, we like playing at home, so it will probably level itself out.

“What has been surprising is in the Bundesliga, the percentage of home wins has gone down considerably. What I do think is that fans definitely help the players, but big clubs with big fanbases definitely get the decisions. Fact. The referees are only human, it is easier to agree with 40,000 people than 2,000 at the other end."

“But I do not want to play in front of empty crowds, I want to play in big atmospheres. It does not feel like we have really celebrated promotion yet, but the first time we have a sell out at New York for everybody in the town that will feel like the promotion.”