Warne still tracking Barlaser

Last updated : 08 September 2020 By Millersmad

The Midfielder was a standout player in last seasons promotion and of course the Millers would want him back if possible, but the lure of the Premiership is a major factor.

Warne understands the 23 year olds thinking; “Dan is chasing his dream to get into the Newcastle squad ,I'm led to believe he's going to play in the first couple of pre-season games and do everything he can to impress his manager. If he impresses him enough to a level that Newcastle want to keep him then he will, with my full respect, stay there."

"If he doesn't do enough to impress and get himself a decent squad role then he will become available. If he does become available, I'd like to think that we'd be quite a way up the queue, I also know that if someone else comes in for him like, say, Brentford, we'd be struggling."

“I have to wait until get the green light from Newcastle and the player that he's available.” Warne added.