Warne ready for break

“I can’t give them the excuse for the first goal,” Warne admitted.

“We’ve been really good on set-pieces this season but we’ve conceded from one and for the second goal, it was a bit of a pinball one. For the first one, we don’t have to give the corner away and we need to be tighter on the marking. Marek (Rodak’s) been outstanding but he will be disappointed with that one. It’s a pity because I didn’t think we were in any danger at that point.”

“It was not as good as we have been,” Warne added.

“Physically the lads gave me everything but they didn’t look as sharp as they have looked in recent weeks. I don’t think we got outplayed at all today. We just got a little bit outmuscled in both boxes which I don’t usually say about my team.

“I think playing on Wednesday night did take its toll and my team did look jaded today. A few of the senior pros looked tired at the end."

“We’ve had six or seven out for a while and I had a few that started that didn’t look fit. It was a game too far but it was an opportunity we wasted today. If we had come with a stronger team, I’m sure we would have got a more positive result.

“We have two weeks to get a few of the lads back for our next home game.”