Warne pleased to keep players in window.

Last updated : 04 September 2021 By Millersmad

“There was interest in Barlaser, interest in Sadlier, interest in Wiles,” Warne told the Tiser

“That interest is a good thing. It shows what a good group we’ve got. I’m pleased that we convinced JJ to stay. More clubs phoned up about him than anyone.”

“I didn’t hear anything about Smudge, which I find pretty amazing, The reason there were no bids isn’t to do with Smudge’s ability. There just hasn’t been as much money floating about in the market at our level in this window as there has been in previous seasons."

“Everyone could appreciate we weren’t going to let Smudge go for £500,000. That was never happening. Clubs knew he would cost more than they could spend. Previously, they would have come in and offered £1 million which might have gone up to £2m.” he added.