Warne pennig January transfer list

“I haven't talked to anyone but we have got a list, that gets changed on a weekly basis, names get added and taken away, Me and the staff get to watch a few games a week. The recruitment team put people in front of me."

“As I sit here now I haven't got a name I think I am definitely bringing in, but I think over the next few weeks it will become more apparent where we are lacking.” 

“I am not nervous about ;psing players, we try and plan as well as you can, It's just football, unless you're Real Madrid, every player is up for sale. We try and plan as well as we can for whatever may happen but you are never as well prepared as you want to be."

“I am well aware that some of our players might go, some of our loan players might go back or even better we might sign some better players than what we have got on better loans than what we have got. I am not too concerned at the moment, the core group will still be here by the end of January, or the ones I want. At the moment, I am not too concerned.”