Warne looks towards Villa visit

Last updated : 03 March 2017 By Millersmad

Warney still has injury concerns ahead of the visit of Villa, Goalkeeper Richard O'Donnell needs a second scan on a finger injury and will not play while defenders Joel Ekstrand (knee), Darnell Fisher (hamstring) and Richard Wood (groin) all miss out.

However, Midfielder, god and general hero Lee Frecklington could be in place for a return to the team after recovering from an ankle operation.

With the last 2 games shipping in 9 goals, Warne admits he needs to try to keep the lads heads up; "I'm just trying to get every little ounce I can out of this group and keep them positive, We were unlucky to lose at Brentford but we just pick the lads up, brush them down and throw them back out again for the next game and have a right go. If that ends up with us winning five, it won't be enough. If it ends up with us winning ten then we'll all go on a plane to Vegas."

Villa was expected to be higher in the league than they are, but after boss Steve Bruce was starting to come under pressure, they have pull 2 straight wins out of the bag, with Warney there to see one of them.

"There's a lot of pressure on them at home, the expectation levels are there but away from home they're better, Bristol City put up a good fight in the first half but Villa's quality came through and if they wanted to go up a gear, they could. They won the game in six minutes really."

"I thought: ‘It looks all right for us this.’ Then they suddenly tried a bit harder and I thought: ‘Ooooh.’ That’s sort of how it went.” 

“Games like these are the ones you want to be involved in. They’ll bring a big following, which suits us. If there’s a really good away following, it usually gets our fans more up for it.”