Warne looking forward to Croatia camp

Last updated : 09 June 2022 By Millersmad

Speaking to themillers.co.uk the gaffer gave some details on this summers overseas training camp for the Millers first team, and for the first time they will visit Croatia.

"I went out to Croatia to have a look at the training camp there. It was really good but I wanted to do a recce to get a couple of runs in to make sure they have one when we're out there. I've sorted those out,” he revealed.

"I saw the facilities and was really pleased with them."We haven't been to Croatia on pre-season before and it's a big deal for us because that stage of pre-season is always a big week for us."

"I flew out last week for a day and came back. I'm really happy with that and we've got it all booked up now.

"I wouldn't say I'm looking forward to coming back for pre-season just yet but it is always nice when you know that you've got a trip and you get the lads together. It's essential for us. That will be something for the lads to turn their attentions to after the first week of hell when they return!” 

"It will be good to see the physical demands. If you can train in heat and play in it then obviously your body is more accustomed to stress when you come back and play when it is freezing."

"Also there is an opportunity to train at night because they've got floodlights at the facility and, in fairness, when we've trained in Germany and Austria we had days when it was absolutely scorchio.

"It's weeks away and it could rain every day, but if they have to train in the heat, they have to train in the heat and adapt to that."