Warne full of praise for squad

Last updated : 26 July 2020 By Millersmad

Speaking with the clubs official website, Warney gushed love over his squad's work ethics and fitness.

“We haven’t played a game since March but I cannot express how pleased I am with the condition in which my players returned to training following the lockdown, I knew that I had assembled a group that have a great amount of drive, but they have been a credit to themselves and the football club in the way that they have looked after themselves prior to our return.

“As it turns out, the lads have come back too early for a ‘proper’ pre-season programme, but from a coaching point of view it has been great to see where the lads are at, Of course, we’ve been in touch with everyone via Zoom video meetings and we have tracked their efforts from afar on Strava, so it isn’t like we haven’t kept tabs on them at all, but to physically see them in front of us tells a very different story to the quantitative information we can take from home."

“Everyone has exceeded our expectations on their return to training and even the old man Woody looks like he’s rolled his age back by five years. Mickel Miller has quite literally hit the ground running and has impressed all of the coaches with his early efforts, to a point whereby there is an ongoing joke with Cheio about him taking his crown in that department.”

“We’ve had chance to take a look at the progress of Icky and Robbo which has been another positive that has come about by having the players in, Both are looking fit and healthy and I expect them to be a part of the group in full training when we’re back after this short break."

“In addition to that, despite some tough sessions over the last couple of weeks, we haven’t picked up any new injuries. That again, speaks volumes about the physical resilience that the lads have built up over lockdown.”

“Curtis Tilt is unfortunately on the treatment table at the moment, but he is working hard in his rehabilitation and is continuing to receive advice and attention from the medical team despite the rest of the squad’s absence from the training ground.”