Warne expecting a tough visit

Last updated : 29 March 2018 By Millersmad

Speaking to the Star, Millers boss showed respect to the former boss and admitted he's not looking forward to the game.

“Am I looking forward to going head to head with Steve? Not really, He’s won more games here than I have and he’s hugely experienced and I’m not."

“He’s bringing a really good side here. Hopefully, my 11 can out-perform his 11. All I want to do is win the game and move on. I hope the lads perform to the level we think they can. If they do, that should be enough to get a positive result.”

Warney reflected on Evans reign at the Millers; “It was a rollercoaster at times but you could never say it wasn’t entertaining, I think I’ve picked up something from every manager I’ve worked for. Steve is a winner. He openly admits that all he wants to do is win."

“He’s an horrendous loser. That’s the other side of being a great winner, I suppose. He will do anything to win a game. Steve’s focus was always on the match day. The lads always knew exactly what he wanted from them. There were never any grey areas. Predominantly, he wanted them working hard.”

 Looking at the game; “I think I know roughly how they’ll play,” Warne said, “And Steve knows what sort of character I am and how I want too play football, because we had many chats about it when he was here."

“Peterborough are on a really good run. I think the atmosphere will be good and, more often than not, when the atmosphere at New York is brilliant it results in a really good game. It will be both teams trying to go for the win. Both teams attack, both teams can handle the ball, both teams score goals for fun.”