Warne aiming for early transfers.

Last updated : 13 April 2017 By Millersmad

Warne's wanting to get a head start on the trasnfer market, and is actively looking at giving a couple of non league players a chance.

Speaking to the Star he said; “I would like to think I would bring three or four in during May, possibly June, I don’t want to do all my dealings in pre-season. It is a different shop then."

“The targets we have identified, we have spoken to them, spoken to their agents. They know we are in the ball park regarding the money they want. So, at the end of the day, it is all about what the player wants to do. We can’t force their hand."

"Ideally, in the first few weeks in May we will get some signings in and the fans can buy into what we are trying to do here for next season.”

“I have met two and I am going to meet another two in a couple of weeks, though one might be after the season ends because they are concentrating on their football now, Anyone else we try to sign I will endeavour to go and try to meet them. I am not going to say it is going to eradicate any recruitment disasters. I would just sleep easier at night knowing I had met them."

“The meetings were really good. The agents told our recruitment guy they both loved me and would want to play for me! But I would expect them to say that because they want to get a deal."

“Both players have texted me about 50 times. One of them has even asked about golf courses around here, which is a good sign. I think the meetings went positively but, fundamentally, it is about whether we can pay them what they want.”

“I would like to get a group together that wants to be together, You see all the successful groups, they are tight, they want to win together."

“I will try my hardest to get a couple of non-league players in. They will have a positive effect. I will need a little bit of experience and I will get guys in who have played plenty of games in League One. It makes sense. I need a mix of personalities.” he added.