Vaulks - Tough pre-season puts us in good stead

Last updated : 02 August 2017 By Millersmad

The 23 year old told; “It's been tough but enjoyable. We all knew what to expect with the Gaffer taking it because he's a fitness freak but I've enjoyed it and I've always been okay with fitness, but he's pushed us quite hard."

“There's no point being fit and just standing off the game and passing it around, we're fit so we can press teams for 90 minutes and have that quality as well, so when we win the ball back we're fit enough to keep it. I think that's what the Gaffer and Richie have drilled in, that we're not just fit for the sake of it. We're already fit and we're hopefully going to be the fittest in the league, but we're fit for a reason.”

“I'm glad that I did my off-season programme because it has been tough, You know with the Gaffer that he's not going to lie. Some managers might say it's going to be tough and it won't be, but we knew when he was saying it was going to be hard, it was."

“I think going out to Austria was good for bonding because there wasn't a lot to do away from the training pitch, so we spend a lot of time with each other.”